Nursing Home Rooms

There are 6 different types of rooms available:  Double room with a shared bath, Double room with a private bath, Private room with a shared bath, Private room with a private bath, Private suite with a shared bath, and Private suite with a private bath. Rooms are furnished with adjustable beds with bedding, nightstand, tray table, closet, desk, dresser with bookshelf, over-bed lighting, curtains, bathroom, and linens. Connections to telephone, cable television, and wireless internet are available.

Residents are encouraged to bring some of their own furnishings to make them feel more at home. Click here for a printable list of items to bring with you upon admission.

If you have any questions about our rooms or other amenities, please contact our Social Services Director at 563-382-8787.

Please click on the thumbnail images below to view examples of rooms.